NEWBest service in Russia 2020

iCleaning is recognized as Russia’s best at the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE AWARDS international competition


iCleaning dry cleaning is a modern and technological service that provides comprehensive services for the care of wardrobes that require the most careful handling.

Located in the heart of the capital, in Moscow City, iСleaning embodies the requirements and rhythm of a big city: the speed of service delivery, advanced technologies and high quality standards that our Customers are used to receiving. The mission of iCleaning is to be a reliable partner for our Customers and take care of their wardrobe and home textiles.

“We created our company for modern people: these are demanding people who are almost always on the move and save their time. The dry cleaning-laundry service today is a comprehensive service that allows you to provide the highest quality in the shortest possible time and with maximum comfort. Over the years in the industry, we have researched the best practices of the enterprises in order to one day create the ideal, or almost ideal, dry cleaning. I want to believe that we succeeded!”

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