NEWBest service in Russia 2020

iCleaning is recognized as Russia’s best at the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICE AWARDS international competition


iCleaning is a premium dry cleaner’s. We provide impeccable and perfect quality of service. Last year, the professional community also recognized the company’s achievements: iCleaning became the best dry cleaner in Russia in the CINET GLOBAL PRACTIESAWARD 2020 national competition, and also ranked the 6th in the international rating.






iCleaning, located in the Moscow City business center, is a convenient and high-quality service for the care of the most demanding wardrobe.

We take care of you and your home on the principle of one-stop service. In iCleaning, we can solve any problem, which means that you do not have to waste time looking for specialists and risk the quality of an expensive item.

In addition to basic services for dry cleaning, laundry, wet cleaning, delicate cleaning of children’s clothes and home textiles, we provide exclusive cleaning of fur, leather and suede, as well as any accessories.

We restore items of any complexity and condition, repair and restore shoes. We also provide the tailor’s services: he will complete the task and select the ideal materials that will be impossible to distinguish from the original.

All these services are provided by full-time iCleaning specialists who work daily in our production department in Moscow City.

We also provide “Carpet cleaning” and “Fur storage” services.

You can drop off your belongings at one of the 8 reception offices in the Business Center, on Leninsky avenue or Khodynsky boulevard, or use the “Concierge Service”: place an order without leaving your apartments. To do this, you need to call the phone on the website or leave a request in the iCleaning application. You can call our specialist to come to anywhere in Moscow or Moscow region at any time convenient for you. Contactless delivery available.


iCleaning is very scrupulous about personnel recruitment, we are looking for employees for extended periods of time.

The key recruitment criteria are the skills of working with premium customers, knowledge of a foreign language, experience in solving difficult situations, and perfectionism. Indeed, for our workshop specialists, including restorers, tailors and others, their job is a matter of a lifetime.

The iCleaning team are full-time employees, each of them has made it past the selection filter, had a probationary period, and completed the “Mentorship” adaptation program.

iCleaning for our employees is a combination of financial and non-financial motivation: monthly bonuses for the best employees, career growth, training and professional development, corporate culture, all this allows us to develop our team and offer additional services to our Customers. That is why we have no staff turnover.


Taking care of your items is iCleaning’s primary mission. We not only do our job of cleaning, restoring and repairing clothes and shoes impeccably, but we also achieve a “like from a store” effect through impeccable service and packaging.

We do not just return your order on a hanger, we use special branded biodegradable bags, craft paper, tactile business cards and booklets on quality paper. Our concierge comes to you in uniform on a branded car.

We create a culture of long-term use of things by maintaining their ideal quality.

You can follow our news and dry cleaning life on Instagram @icleaningmoscow

We know what premium is and we make it for you.


iCleaning is a modern service in the field of cleaning and repairing your clothes and shoes. We use the latest developments in the field of technologies and dry cleaning products: ecological machines on hydrocarbon solvents.

The ‘i’ prefix in iCleaning speaks of the technological vector of the company’s development. We are implementing convenient services to become even more accessible for you at any time of the day:
- Terminals with the function of printing receipts and paying in cash/non-cash way
- Mobile application
- Payment for services using a QR code
- Contactless delivery

You can always track the status of your order in the iCleaning app or directly with the administrator +7 499 4261636.
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